Monday, 1 September 2008

Biting the bullet

Pic.: Having a little rest - 'do you have polos or are you going to take endless pics?'

To my delight Ricky offered to pay for my next choice of exam so I bit the bullet and we booked my Stage IV Care (Intermediate Stable Managers) for the 1st December.
Unfortunately, I have to wait for my AI Certificate to be issued before I can apply for Intermediate Teaching exam so it will probably have to wait until next year (unless I am very lucky and Warwickshire College still have places for November exam left next month). The BHS says you have to allow minimum of 28 days for the Certificate to be posted.
I sent off my Log Book and copies of documents required by Recorded Delivery today.
The difference in between Stage IV and Stages I,II and III is that there isn't really a book to fall back on. You have to draw from your experiences and everyday events, read Vet manuals and stable management materials.
They want to see you being well and truly immersed in managing a yard and you have to look like you know what you are doing.
Considering I spend 40 hours a week teaching and just a few on the yard I am just a tad bit worried...

For more information on the BHS Exam structure click on image below:

Pic.: British Horse Society (BHS) Coaching Examination Structure


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