Friday, 19 September 2008

My AI Certificate arrived today :)

Three things happened which made today a fabulous day: 1) Ricky took me for a lovely breakfast in a charming French cafe :)

2) The weather was truly gorgeous and 3) !!! My AI Certificate arrived this afternoon...

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Anonymous said...

hi Wiola!
I do remember that emotion!!!!!
(I'm talking about the AI certificate, not the french breakfast) :P
I feel proud everytime I look at my "papers"... is amazing how much swet you need for just a nicely printed sheet!
;) Mak

Unknown said...

I know! And it's not even the end ;)) Funny, when I got the Cert I thought about that afternoon in Gloucester when we chatted about your Stage IV and my AI hours! :)xx

Anonymous said...

hehe, and this winter we'll meet to talk about your stage 4 and II... where was that I read something like "good, better, best, never let it rest..." ? ;)

Unknown said...

;)) You better soak up that Italian sun as much as you can and come over here to finish your exams! :) xx

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