Thursday, 25 September 2008


For some strange reason, when I sat on a train this morning, the image of my Anglo-Arab stallion popped into my head and wouldn't go away. I sold him about this time of year in 2005 after owning him for over 7 years. He was 3.5yrs old when I bought him, a gangly, steel grey, almost black, so full of himself you had the impression he would burst if you said something too loud. He was extremely sharp and quick, interested in everything, always on the vigil and at first I couldn't quite work out how to deal with him. We got there in the end.
I have a few strong memories of him. One that visited me today was of an early morning at a yard I worked at the time. I kept him there on livery and when I arrived to school the horses he was lying down munching lazily on some hay on the ground. It was the day after one of many exams at uni and I went into his box, sat next to him and chatted to him about marketing-mix.
He stayed lying down, let me rest against him and nuzzled my riding boots; he seemed to listen, watching me resolutely with his big, bright black eyes.

Memories like this come back to me now and then and make me want to have my own horse again. No amount of working with horses makes up for that bond you have with your own.
I will write and post some pictures of Sapphire when I get to write more episodes of My Life With Horses series.

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