Friday, 24 October 2008

And a few words on foreigners...and why I might actually finally go for owning a car...

This is something I was thinking of writing about for quite some time but didn't feel pushed enough.
BTW, There is no question about me being a foreigner in the UK so I guess I can use this 'great' term freely...

Right, where do I start...I don't drive and don't own a car because it's impractical in my current position but I have been witnessing situations which seriously make me re-consider possibility of car ownership. And it is NOT a general inconvenience of public transport.
A few weeks ago I was sitting on a train, two young women behind me discussing this or the other and at some point I hear them saying '...fck***ing Poles everywhere, my neighbour's bathroom is being done up by them now!'...
Cue me thinking: 'If any of my Polish friends calls me I am not picking up' - silly but hey, who likes to be starred at ;)
Anyway. I try to pay no attention to those things. Usually I am fine but not if I hear conversations of this sort a little too often.
On my way to work a couple days ago an older couple in front of me chatted away in the similar lines to those young women with one difference that they used more civilised language.
Then some young people again on a tube on my way home today.
Last night before I entered the venue for the Monty Roberts' talk my first thought was (not joking): 'I hate socialising' - which isn't stricte true, I just seem to started to dislike it and awaiting some 'where are you from?' questions.
I don't really see much solution for this. I *know* I shouldn't take notice but believe me, you do.

So as I've recently also spent good few hours being picked up and driven places I just thought, hey, that was good, no 'foreigners talk'!

Getting a car will only be an option once we move out of London though...


teacakebiscuit said...

...but polish people make great riding instructors ;)

Lots to tell, will try to drop you an email this weekend. I hope you're well, I miss our lessons xo

Unknown said...

Thanks V. :) Look forward to hearing all the news! I've been staying tuned with your blog but no horsey updates, bad you! ;)x

Rising Rainbow said...

I can't even imagine not owning a vehicle. I'm never make it on public transportation.

Unknown said...

The public transport here isn't THAT bad but yes, I should really get round to organising myself some sort of a car!

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