Thursday, 2 October 2008

I've made this reply on a Forum and thought it will do on here too ;)

On Horsey Family...

Mum - well, her grand grand grand father used to have a cart of sorts She grew up totally unhorsey for some bizarre reason though. She will stroke (her words) a horse and loves to watch me riding/competing but is a rather nervous spectator. She would love me to stick to Dressage

Dad - some farming family there and he did take lessons (got to some i-don't-fall-in-canter-at-every-corner stage) until he was given a mare in season and spent an hour or so standing in one spot with the mare squirting and refusing to budge. He grew disheartened after taht episode
However, dad made all my competing possible, he loves all the sporty details, drives box, pulls trailers, is a magic handyman and if my parents didn't live SO far away I would probably be out and about again.

Ricky - just learns coat colours. He seems to like 'brown' and calls skewbalds 'screwbalds' - I still have some hope though


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