Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bizarre Training System

I found this while browsing today. It is always interesting to read and learn about new training methods but this one puzzles me, especially the way it is used with foals...I find it on the verge of inhumane...
Have a look and see what you think:

Official website (including an interview with a vet who discusses the use of the system in researching musculo-skeletal injuries in horses, the orthopedic issues and cardiovascular fitness in horses - look in Media and Scientific Comments): Kurt Equine Training Systems.

And a You Tube video:



Anonymous said...

"take away any human error" ...and what about human correction?
where is then the magic of the feeling that always characterize the great names of equitation/racing?
This feel so impersonal for the horse, they are alive and need a "live" interaction with an other sensible and communicating "entity", not just a "can-thing" that make them move someway.

Is just a sofisticate (and expensive) horsewalker, could help in training and fittening, but taking away all the human contact... feel just wrong.
Horses are not machines, so is not fair treat them as if they are.

I think that could be eventually a help, good for rythm, regularity and a free movement, but NO WAY that it could be a substitute of human work!!

(amazing, you'll never stop learning...)

Heather said...

Yikes! That freaks me out! It is like some sort of Utopian, human-free training device! What happens if a horse stumbles and falls?

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