Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Working with horses - how do you decide what do do at 16!

This morning I met with a lovely family with a 16 year old daughter who would love to work with horses but she has no idea where to start.
They read an article about me in an online magazine, phoned me up to ask whether I would meet with them and as I happily agreed we went through some decision making process.
At 16 yrs old, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I have never (at least as far as I remember) had to go through agonising dilemma as to what to do with my life, where to go and how to go about it. I always had a plan and some dreams to go with it.
This girl has a whole life in front of her and many unanswered questions in her head.
I hope I managed to give the family some overview of possibilities the girl can try. We went through all the routes from Apprenticeship through BHS training, NVQs, Foundation Degrees to Equine Science degrees. Sometimes, the wide choice is more of a nuisance than help. They will also come to one of my day-long courses at some point for her to get more of an idea what working with horses REALLY means.
To me, if you want to work with horses and want to do it well you just have to be 200% committed, you have to get the buzz out of it, love it and live it. Otherwise it drains you.

My afternoon and evening was spent on convincing myself that I am not made of sugar and those buckets of water coming down my head weren't going to kill me.
I am now back home, all cozied up and content that some nice work was managed to be done despite awful weather.

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