Friday, 10 October 2008

Equine Sports Coaching - new book on the market

Thanks to Manage My Horse competition via which I won £400 worth of vouchers of my own choice (I chose £150 of them to be Amazon so I can stock up on all the great books I wanted to buy for a while) I am now book shopping - yay!

This is one of my next reading projects:

I will post a review once I've read it. Amazon says:
A vital book for equine coaches. Drawing on tried-and-tested coaching practices used successfully in other sports, this book provides an introduction to coaching specific to the equine environment. The coaching process as a whole is addressed for both the horse and rider. The UK Government Coaching Task Force highlighted the need for the development of coaching across all sports, which led to the introduction of the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC). Soon any coaching of horses and riders will need to be done by qualified individuals only. "Equine Sports Coaching" is ideal for those studying for the UKCC or other qualifications in equine sports and leisure coaching. The key features include: in line with UK Coaching Certificate qualifications; covers performance analysis, periodization of training programs, sports psychology, and communication skills; and, advises on the personal development of the coach to support career development in this field."

About the Author (from ): Alison Lincoln has a BSc in Equine Sports Coaching, and has taught on Sports Science and Equine Science courses at several different colleges in the UK. She has over 10 years experience as a Pony Club instructor, as well as experience in business performance coaching and life coaching.

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