Saturday, 21 November 2009

Someone has too much energy...

...and it's certainly not myself. Little Kingsley has so much vigour after being allowed back into the field that I dare to hope he is feeling slightly better. However, if he doesn't stop running around he will probably make it all worse!
Today was his second day out and he spent a lot of the time playing with his field buddy which he hasn't done much of before.
Yesterday, he was way too full of himself and ended up pulling front shoe off. After 20 minutes of walking around the field I found the shoe sitting nicely in mud. Good, one fee less to pay on the list of never ending expenses' list.

The weather was relentless today - rain followed by heavy rain. I feel like responding to one of those adverts looking for riding instructors in Dubai ;)
My today's Training Day rider braved through and had a great day despite being drenched most of the time!

Kingsley happy to be out after 3 days on box rest following injections:

Training Day in The Rain:

Kingsley in his new box being a model for Kiran's stable management session: 'Getting a horse ready for turn out' :)


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Anonymous said...

He looks cute in his head cover! Glad you found the shoe - I usually find them much later when it's too late!

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