Thursday, 26 November 2009

Why is it that...

...horses that are apparently so unsound and so incapable of moving without looking lame are yet perfectly able to gallop flat out round and round the field when turned out??!!
Kingsley gave a mild coronary today when he decided to play a race horse and have a fight with his field buddy. They tested how fast can an equine travel around relatively small field which ended in Kingsley falling over and hitting the deck rather hard :(
Both horses had to be caught and taken out of the field as they would not stop running and I then spent good 15 minutes walking Kingsley in-hand before he started breathing more or less normal. He was absolutely covered with mud, not to mention he drenched his rug and boots too. Thankfully, he seemed to be in one piece. I checked on him every hour or so to see if his legs stayed tight but there was no swelling or heat when I left just before 8pm.
I told him he is a silly man and his body will never feel better if he keeps playing like this but all I got was a lot of nuzzling and sniffing and checking for food.

He will be going out tomorrow with some immensly lazy pony that will hopefully ignore every invitations for a mad run.
I am hoping he behaves as I am not at the yard tomorrow and I always worry he comes up with something when I am not around.
Ok, sleep time as 5am start to the day tomorrow, off for some dressage training.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wiola..I could just see yo having a panic! And why is the million dollar (Canadian remember?) question. It is Christmasy! I have spruce (fake) garland and red bows along the parking fence, white board and post, as well as the small school which faces the drive. Good luck with the lazy pony, hope Kingsley isn't a bad influence! Canada

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. Mine is 'resting' at the mo with mystery lameness. Trouble is its only evident when being ridden :-)
She was going potty in the field earlier today.

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