Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Visual memories

I'm searching for ways to create slideshows/videos from the Training Days and I love this site I've stumbled upon: animoto.com.

Here's a test video. I don't like the fact the quality of the photos goes down (you can keep the quality if you go for paid service) and I am still to get the hang of all the settings but I think someone had done a fab job creating Animoto.

So what do you think? Would you like your 30 Animoto - seconds of your Intensive Training Day memories?


Magdalen Islands said...

Considering the fun you had making this video with still shots and taking into account the poor resolution of the photos, I'd say it had value of it's on accord but as a promotional video, it doesn't work.
There are too many things going on to allow a person to grasp the importance of your business. The music is good but too 'noisy' and it doesn't do anything for your business, as a teacher.
I hope I don't sound too critical. I'm trying to help in some small way. You do have an interesting blog.
Gimme A Dream on trotontv

Unknown said...

Hello, no no worries about criticism. I should clarify it isn't really a promotional video, it's a kind of video I do for riders on my Training Days for their personal use. I just played with this new site but unfortunately, to make longer videos with better quality pictures I would have to sign up for the pay-for service.

Any constructive criticism always gratefully received :)

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