Saturday, 14 November 2009

A-Z of Last Two Days

Working outside is current weather is rather interesting. It seems that glorious, sunny and warm October was sent down to make up for what is happening now.

A is for Absorption exhibited by my clothing. Generous of it but seriously unnecessary.
B is for Books read in a hot bath while recuperating after A.
C is for clients. Super Training Day today with a pleasure-to-teach rider not bothered by W, R and H.

D is for Dash the puppy playing an alarm clock with empty bottle of Lucozade.
E is for enjoying the madness of W,M,H and R as well as V.
F is for Farmhouse Yogurt Apple and Cinnamon at 23:16 while writing this post.
G is for achieving goals.
H is for Horses being wet, muddy and not impressed with W and R.
I is for a giant, fabulous, amazing Indoor Arena I dream about having every single winter day.
J is for juggling life, food, mud and manure without losing sanity.
K is for Kingsley's new lycra hood :)
L is for Loving life and Leaves - the wet, soggy yet beautiful autumn/winter leaves.

M is for Mud. Bloody mud that makes me slip and rip my favourite Gore-Tex coat on a barb wire!
N is for Never enough sunshine
O is for Overtrousers. I am loving my Toggi Extreme.
P is for Pub meals while rain is pouring outside.
Q is for Question that needs good answers.
R is for Rick's jokes and for Rain, bucket load of it!
S is for Staying over at my dear friend's house when it's too rainy to go back home
T is for Too many soaking wet numnahs, rugs, boots and bandages
W is for Wind. 70 miles per hour or it. Not. Nice.
U is for Underwear & Pyjamas shopping because of S.
V is for lack of Visibility when cantering in W and M and R.
X is for ...who knows. eXtraordinary events some time soon?
Z is for Zzzzzz - sleep needed.



Anonymous said...

Very amusing - love his look in the lycra hood!

Unknown said...

:) Me too, he's playing a Ninja horse ;)

Anonymous said...

yes to the Indoor!! Actually Canada is having a heavenly November...did you send it to us by mistake? If so, thank you ever so much ;)

Unknown said...

Yep that was me,how generous and powerful of me! ;)

I want it back now though!

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