Friday, 17 December 2010

Job Interview

December is running out fast and there are quite a few things I still have in mind to write about but first a quick update on the current events.
At the end of November I applied for a job at one of the top agricultural colleges in the South East. It was an Equine Lecturer position, a great sounding post, part-time and a one year contract which would suit me as I could continue running the Academy. I don't have any college teaching experience which was mentioned as a desirable on application but I thought I would give it a go. There was a mention that short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview but I hadn't heard from them for almost 2 weeks so I assumed they had some more suitable people applying.
On the 10th of December we went off to Poland and when we returned home after midnight on the 14th (so I guess the 15th technically;) and I could finally check my phone messages, there was one from the college asking me if I could confirm my attendance at the interview. I looked through our post from the last few days and found a letter from the college saying they would like to invite me for the interview. Great.

The date of the interview was the 14th, 3.30pm.

I've been trying to contact them ever since to apologize and explain but the person dealing with the applications never seem to be there and didn't reply to my email or answer phone messages. I do feel awful for not making it but even if I wasn't away it would have been really difficult to arrange for a day off a couple of days before they needed me there. I can only guess the weather has delayed the post which is why I only received it in the last minute.

Not really sure whether to continue trying to get in touch or assume they have already recruited someone?

Photo: Just in case you weren't sure it's Xmas time...Decorations on one of the Notting Hill's pubs tonight. Only thin cover of snow but black ice everywhere :-/

As I'm sure all horse people know the work is below bad right now. As I write I had another cancellation for tomorrow. I will leave my thoughts on this for the year in review post in a couple of weeks.



HorseOfCourse said...

Oh, that is really a shame!

I cross my fingers that you can get in touch with them and get an interview now that you are back instead.
If they really are interested, it should be possible. Most of us have busy schedules, and with such a short notice and not being able to get in touch with you they should have set aside time for a later appointment.

Unknown said...

Ah thank you, I guess they found someone suitable so not in need of pursuing others too much.

P.S. Love your bareback photos!

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