Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Post Xmas

Photo: Finally the time to catch up with all the World Cup show-jumping series my Mum recorded for me - bliss! This was more hours in front of TV in one day than I spent in the whole year!

It was my sixth Christmas in the UK. You would think it should be easier and easier to adjust to being away from family in this most family oriented time of the year but in fact, it's harder each year. Not complaining, just saying.
Cheshire was beautiful when we arrived. Trees painted white with frost and the air fresh and sharp. Three days of eating, sleeping, resting, walking. Nice to open the door and be greeted by the sight of fields and horses.
Finally the time to catch up with all the World Cup show-jumping series my Mum recorded for me - bliss!

Photo: Golf Course under the snow. Love the background!

Photo: Dusk descends over frozen pond

What you really need on those walks is a dog running like mad playing with the snow :) 
The yard I suppose to be teaching on Tuesday txted yesterday to say all lessons are cancelled. A few hours of work tomorrow and then nothing much over the rest of the week and the weekend. 
To say it's crippling is an understatement. All this time without work is making me restless and even though it's good to put my feet up I need my mind to be at peace to truly benefit and appreciate the moment. 

I know I'm not the only one who works with horses and struggles through this winter. Hello to you all and hope you're holding on. 

A very long year in review post is coming soon... 



Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!
My horses are my job, too.... so I know exactly what you are talking about. This time of year my students dwindle.... the cold weather & the holidays keep them from riding for most of December/January/February... and people usually aren't in the market for horse shopping either! So it leaves me with lots of time to school my own horses, work with the youngsters newly started under saddle, trim feet, clean tack, and "relax" at home. But it's sure not easy on my bank account! It's hard to relax when you're worrying about paying bills! Luckily spring is always around the corner!
Happy Holidays!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jenny!
Ah, I wish I could throw myself in some schooling but I have no own horses and the one I look after is stabled several hours away at the moment and undergoes hoof rehab. So it's restless times for me.
Having said that, there are always things I need to catch up on which I am doing but my bank account is screaming.
There must be a way to do it better, I've just been way too complacent about certain things. I'm determined to do it better next year ;)

Fingers crossed for early spring! Your Akhal-Tekes are wonderful!

Happy Holidays to you too :)

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