Saturday, 11 December 2010


Photo Blog:

My wonderful, lovely Mummy making an apple cake for us :))

Walking the streets of Lodz with Ricky:

And this one is for Suzanne (at the Lublinek Airport at the baggage reclaim):



HorseOfCourse said...

Hey - you managed to get there! How marvellous!
Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks lovely. Has it been cold in Poland too?
Enjoy your stay, and the apple cake. My favourite dessert.
PS. You have a very cute Mum.

Nic Barker said...

Looks like Poland is coping much better with the snow than we were - not an Audi in sight ;-)

Unknown said...

Thank you - Im here and loving it! My mum is the best of the best haha not that Im biased...

Nic - everybody just drives on no matter how slidey it turns out! Funnily enough mz brother has just bought a new car. Its Audi!
Hope your Dad is getting better and the weather doesnt spoil horsy fun too much.

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