Saturday, 18 December 2010

Video Snippets from Academy's jump lessons

Although Annette trains on Development Programme for her flatwork and dressage skills, she has had a long break from jump training. I always make sure even flatwork enthusiasts keep up with very basic jumping sessions unless they specifically ask not to leave the ground. On one of our sessions Annette decided she actually really enjoyed herself so Jump Training is now part of her ongoing Training Plans.

The exercises are kept low key and she will work towards Foundation Programme's jumping skills first.

Here are some short snippets from her lessons:

We are starting from re-establishing confidence, enjoyment and making sure she keeps positive canter rhythm as well as trying to get rid of the rider's reliance on her hands.

As you can see the rider isn't giving with her hand but instead secures herself on the contact. This causes her to be behind the movement of the horse which in turn makes for rapid weight shift on the landing.

All these stem from balance problems which we will address throughout her jump training.

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