Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A few words on current situation

Ten to twelve hours a week is the amount of teaching I currently do. It is not enough and I aim at 20-25 hours a week. I started to advertise on various websites to see whether I can count on any interest and I was pleasantly surprised! To be honest I thought I would have a little chance to attract clients since I am not exactly a well known rider/instructor in the area.
My biggest regret (which I guess I should just finally stop moaning about) is that I didn't do my AI while working with horses full-time. It is quite a challenge now to gather 500 hours on a freelance basis. I have about 70 in my book at the moment, so yes, it is not even one fifth of what is required. I shall plough through though.
Thanks to my little online activity I am going next week to see someone interested in lessons and her friend is also willing to have a go.
Another exciting news is that I decided to look for a competition/training project. The fact is that if I am going to improve I must go back out there to compete and train. If I find a horse(s) which I could affiliate and compete it would hopefully raise my profile...that is if I don't go out there and make a complete fool of myself!
My advert can be found on www.projecthorses.co.uk & on the British Horse Society website and the content is as follows:

Ref 1270: Horse Wanted - London
INSTRUCTOR LOOKING FOR A COMPETITION/TRAINING PROJECT (LONDON)I am a 28yrs old freelance Instructor looking for a project horse to bring on and compete in affiliated competitions (BE,BSJA,BD). My aim is to raise my profile via good competition record but I am committed to sympathetic training methods. I never rush young horses and enjoy seeing them develop.Ideal project would be 4 yrs and over and 100% sound but other than that no preferences and any issues considered.Conditions to be discussed and various arrangements considered. I can train you as well as your horse, part loan, other. If you own a talented but maybe quirky horse who you don't want to compete yourself but would love to see him/her out there please let me know. If I was able to reach your yard with ease then I would be happy for a horse to stay there. Otherwise he/she would need to be stabled on one of yards where I teach at. Please contact me at: ridinginstructor@gmail.comMore information about me can be found on my website:http://www.equestriancoach.co.uk/.
Exp: 30/09/07

I have a few people replying so far and might go to see a promising young mare one girl offered.
The biggest problem is the distance to be travelled as it would be a nightmare to commute for ages. I am hoping for a miracle to happen!

Yesterday: A lady I teach in Kent has asked me whether I would be interested in taking some rallies at her Riding Club. I was of course delighted to hear that and I am looking forward to the offer developing into action.
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