Thursday, 19 July 2007

Training Project!

I must say, I was surprised by how many people replied to my advert on BHS website! If you look for the horse don't hesitate to advertise there :)
I had to choose as there is absolutely no way I can fit more than one horse into my weekly schedule at the moment. Funnily enough I went for one that was stabled the furthest and while on a train I was thinking 'This is way too expensive a commute to be done on a regular basis...I would just have a look...'.
I am so glad I did because I ended up meeting a great owner and her promising young mare felt just 'right'. You know when you ride a horse and you click with it straight that was the kind of feeling that mare gave me and the moment I sat on her the commute issues were in the bottom of my worries ;)
I am very excited about bringing her on and competing her when the time comes. It is unsure whether she will be a keeper or whether she will be sold but whether I will have 8 or 18 months with her I am determined to produce her the best I can.
The mare is 4 years old, KWPN with Ferro and G Ramiro Z lines; backed two months ago so still very babyish and green but that is exactly how I like.

I am working on a little training plan for her so might publish it when it is ready.
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