Tuesday, 31 July 2007

An update on things equine :)

Just so I stay on top of things here are a few lines on current state of affairs! My today's lesson with S. was quite a test as she was in a very negative mood. We managed to do some work which was not bad but well below the standard she is capable of. I popped on the horse and found him very wooden in his mouth so spent 20 minutes in transitions and some lateral work trying to lighten him a bit. I was pleased with the results and our last canter-trot-canter transition was very satisfying. I finished on that and there is a lot of work in front of S. as the horse does unfortunately gets very tense and wooden if the rider doesn't stay on top of his balance and coordination.

Yesterday, I had an interesting little trip to Barnfield Riding Centre, a BHS approved small riding school where I was invited for a little chat on current and possible vacancies. The lady who runs it breeds absolutely gorgeous dogs :) Anyway, the vacancy I was after happened to be already trialed by someone else so we decided my name will be added to their books and I will act as an reserve Instructor in need ;)

Two more horses were also added to my schooling repertoire: 17.2hh pure bred Cleveland Bay (pictured being dressed up) and a 15.1 ish hh, Irish bred horse on my current client's yard. Considering I am hoping to do my Stage IV next year I am very happy with any/all riding additions :)
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