Saturday, 28 July 2007

If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail

Ask any of the people I teach or ride horses for and they will probably tell you I am mega organised ;) In fact, I am a total opposite. Hmm, maybe not exactly. I do organise things because otherwise I would be doing nothing!
As a result, all the people who ride with me are provided with training plans as I like to torture them;) (read: I like to make sure they progress!). It doesn't matter whether I teach them for 4 weeks or 14 months or for an unlimited time.
By the way, I got an email from someone saying: 'You may be pleased to hear that my abdominal muscles are aching' ... . It seems I was right then using the word 'torture'.
I also like to write training plans for horses, working backwards from whatever goals I have for them, from very simple to a little more difficult.

I should really go to the point now. Today, I sat in a bookshop browsing through a Peter Jones's book (the Dragon's Den man) looking for some inspirations (no laughing please) and it made me think about my own long -term plans and goals...
Below I listed some aims which I would like to accomplish by the end of 2010:
1) Pass BHSI certificate and maybe a UKCC for equestrian industry
2) Do a British Dressage Judge Training and qualify as, at least, a List 6 Judge.
3) I will have been well in progress of acquiring a decent competition record in all three disciplines
4) I will be in a position to start looking for own yard which is yet another project all together! My plan is to have a decent training yard a'la small riding academy for clinics and lessons.

You have to be positive and have dreams (Mr. Jones says ;) ). And plans.
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