Thursday, 5 July 2007

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Tuesday evening decided to surprise me with its hot sun spells followed immediately by massive rain falls! I went to Kent where one of my dearest clients lives and we worked on the Novice test she is due to do this coming Sunday. It will be her first go at a Novice test and I am probably equally determined she does well as she is herself. After winning a Prelim Riding Club Championships with 70% last month it was only fair to up the challenge. There is still a lot of work to do, especially on the rider keeping the horse's roundness and impulsion throughout the test but I am really pleased with the work so far. We are working around the training diary I have been writing for the combination since September last year and I think we are both happy with the progress. One of the goals for the 2007 is to achieve (and maintain) 62% in unaffiliated Novice tests, trying to keep Prelim results on 68% and above and to try an affiliated Prelim test in the end of the year.
Our session was a hard work but I know the results will reward them in the end. Poor rider got drenched at some point but when we looked at the sky a minute later there was an amazing, full rainbow resembling a magical bridge that dreams use to go from one side to another.
I managed to stay fairly dry thanks to my big brolly - of course I used it to accustom the horse to spooky objects...;)

Wednesday evening saw me teaching at Ealing Riding School. What I like about this place is how peaceful it is. Tucked in in between block of flats, little cottages and surrounded by greenness of Ealing common, it feels very unique. It is far from a modern yard with immaculate facade and beautiful buildings and yet teaching there feels good. It is rewarding and encouraging seeing smiles on faces of the people who decide to go back to riding after a long break.
I do hope Ealing will need me for a while ;)

Today I arranged for seeing my possible training/competition project - 16.2hh, 4 year old KWPN mare, backed two months ago. I am planning to go on the 16th July, assess the commute, see the horse and chat to the owner.
I also received an email from someone about a Connemara pony...being only 14.1hh might be a little on a small side but might give it a go :)

Oh, and we didn't win Lotto today! But - we went for a lovely, very rainy walk to Holland Park where I browsed today's Horse & Hound and just enjoyed the evening.
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