Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Five days left

On the 9th of July I am officially going to be a part-time office worker with 9am-12pm working hours and there will no longer be a comfortable salary flowing into my account. What there will be though is the time to finally expand on my teaching and riding.
Up to this time and for the last few years I have been juggling a full-time, flexi-time employment with freelance teaching and occasional schooling & competing. It goes without further elaboration that the teaching time was rather limited! When I first learned that my nice flexible position in a little e-learning company was going to be transformed into fixed hours contract I was not impressed. In fact, I was sad. Not because I enjoyed the long hours behind the desk but because the flexi time employment allowed me to take up part-time studies on BSc Equine Sports Science at Hartpury College only a year ago. The changes meant that I would have to either suspend the course or quit all together. For the record, I have not yet done anything in this department! I am waiting for the exam results which are supposed to be made known on the 6th of July. If I passed I will research suspending; if I failed...I will think about it again!
There is always a chance that this Lotto ticket R. and I bought at the weekend is the winning one and we might move to Cheltenham Spa (which is close to the College) for a while ;)
I love Gloucestershire. It is one of those counties where horses are something as natural as the air.
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