Monday, 17 August 2009

Inner Peace?

I slow down so rarely that when I do all the tiredness seems to hit me head on. Knowing this will happen I arranged for a couple of days off before setting off to Poland.
I've been feeling so sleepy all day today it's almost funny. That is it would be funny if it wasn't rather annoying. I guess I could actually let myself nap all day but looks like my engine is still on high as sleeping seems like a waste of time...! Maybe tomorrow.
The art of resting and relaxing is not an easy one.

I made an attempt to do some clothes shopping today (last time was about 6 months ago;)) but gave up half way through. The 'retail therapy' really doesn't have much influence on me! I got fed up after 40 minutes ;) Things I like are way beyond my budget anyway, just the luck.

Right, I am off to cultivate my Inner Peace watching Horse And Country TV with a glass of white wine ;)

P.S. One of my riders sent me some pictures from her holiday with her boyfriend: 'Romantic rural camping in Wales' think it was meant to be ....;) It turned out they had a really made me giggle for ages, here is one of the photos:

And here are some pics my parents have just emailed; they went on one of their cycling trips, this time to watch the National Young Horses Championships (Show-Jumping):

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