Monday, 31 August 2009

Just watch the bow

My yesterday Sunday was as untypical as my Sunday can get. Of all my working days, Sundays are probably the most routinely organised with very little changes to my schedule.
Considering all the things I have on my mind at the moment the routine mix couldn't have arrived with a better timing.
I gave a few lessons in the morning as per usual but then went for a nice relaxing hack with P. and S. in Richmond Park and had a lot of fun running a little in-house clear round throughout the rest of the day. Decided to give a free lesson to 2 most stylish rounds so everybody was assessed on their riding skills as well as the penalty points and time as normal.
Having drawn the course for my master course builders to build, I consulted the layout with my Show Jumping Course Building Assistant but she didn't seem to approve:

When I say it was a little clear round I mean LITTLE:

The jumps were absolutely tiny but the riders still managed to knock a few down ;) They all tried their hearts out though and provided me with a lot of entertainment...:)
Some had a good few of near misses which obviously meant they never had a lesson from Cpt. Garry on how to steer a motor boat: you just got to watch the bow. Simple as that ;) If the front of your horse is pointing left and the jump is on your right then no amount of pleads is going to help you.
I, on the other hand, did have a lesson from the Cpt that very evening and managed some fabulous three loop serpentines on the river. He did want me to go straight but hey, details are better paid attention to in Dressage...

Pic.above: I steering the boat called Dougal (Suzanne would need to correct me if I spelled that wrong!) with Cpt. Garry making sure I don't hit anything;)

It was a great evening with a very tasty picnic in the middle and a cruise back to the docks at night. Unfortunately, most of the people on the cruise are also my riders and now their suspicions as to my sanity are no longer that but a certainty. Something tells me I will need a cunning plan to convince them it's all right for me to teach them again ;) Just remember:

Thank you to Suzanne for organising the lovely evening! And Anja, please make a SWEET dessert next time please please ;))) x
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