Saturday, 29 August 2009

"Oomah" means "horse"

We had 32 Japanese kids for 3 hours in the afternoon. I tried to learn the language but they spoke bit fast ;)
My morning lessons were more typical with English language being used which always makes my work that little easier!
We have a set of fantastic arena mirrors put up and the riders see the benefits already. You can't beat visual feedback.
The going back into the swing of my life here is progressing slowly. I don't know whether it's some sort of telepathic siblings thing but I find myself rather down knowing how much my brother is depressed about Poker's illness. I go about my day just fine only to find myself in tears in the most unsuitable moments, mornings and evenings being the worse.
Busy day ahead tomorrow which should keep me from thinking too much. I am teaching in the morning, afternoon judging a home show at Barnfields and off on a boat party on the river with a few friends from the stables. Not sure yet how on earth will I get back home afterwards...!
Then on Monday there is a big annual show at one of the centres I work at so although I am not teaching I am planning to convince Ricky to go with me to watch and just relax.
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