Monday, 10 August 2009

Me on the other side of camera - video from my lesson today

It's normally me who is filming everything so I rarely have any footage of my own lessons. Swapped places today hence below you can watch a snippet from my lesson on lovely Hamlet. On the video we are working on him accepting my half-halts and staying over the back through transitions. As you can see it's still a long way to go.
Considering how long he was off work Hammie is feeling great and has really strengthened since I last saw him. We warmed up long and low which he loves and really loosens up and relaxes.
The challenge now is to get him to work up and soften in half-halts. I've got loads of things to work on too so most of those moments when he goes really tense and hollow are the pilot timing errors!

M. is a good instructor, makes me think and work which I like and I really enjoyed my lesson. We met earlier today to discuss the Academy Project over lunch and looks like she will be joining the team :) Something we talked about today gave me a light bulb moment and I came up with a perhaps genius idea on how to move a few things forward.
But now, I am going to submerge in a lovely bubble bath and relax completely :)

P.S. Many Thanks to Jenny for a super day :) xxx
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