Saturday, 31 October 2009

Feng Shui wouldn't do it better

My computer decided that he was overworked. He packed up and refused to cooperate so I had to have it wiped out clean and delete ALL my files, programmes and documents. I bet some Feng Shui consultant would be over the moon with such de- cluttering but I am feeling rather lost. The good side of it is that it seems to be working OK now but I am yet to remember what I deleted.One of the files had written training programmes for three of my riders, that's gone. Will have to write it all over again.
I am not going to cry too much about it, as long as it's working I am fine. I can't be without this machine for too long, it connects me with the world I can't reach otherwise.

Very enjoyable day running Training Day for Kiran who is now back into riding after a few months break. She got to meet Kingsley and learn how to do his TENS therapy as part of her Stable Management session.

More pictures from Kiran's Training Day:

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