Monday, 19 October 2009

No treats for Kingsley!

I discovered today that little Kingsley just can't be given ANY treats as he becomes the biggest bully ever! Give him nothing and he is as gentle and respective of your space as you would wish but one little treat and he is in your pockets, on top of your head and climbing up to get more. Bad boy.
The sun was so bright and the light so good that I tried to get a good photo on Kingsley but he either followed me so closely I couldn't focus the camera or he would stand in the most unflattering stance there is. Hence the pictures are as they are!

Two more days of walking in hand and then 2 weeks of walking under the saddle. I am not looking forward to sitting on him after 2 months of doing nothing and he can throw a hell of a buck too so I am just hoping he feels weak and not bothered to play up ;)
If I am totally honest I can't see any marked improvement in the way he walks BUT he certainly is much less sensitive to touch around his sacroiliac and back.

Apart from seeing to Kingsley I've been rather good to myself and tried to rest as much as possible. Cosy evening with Rick, hot chocolate, apple strudel and always amazing David Attenborough's documentary. I love nature programmes.

Now, I am starting to file my expenses, even if I do several a day it will be a bonus! Can't for the life of me get organised/motivated enough to do it daily so I pay for it:

I use Manage My Horse website (it's free and it's ingenious!) for all my accounts and I must say that once I have everything filed it's all very easy! I.e. it's very easy to see (as the site lets you do all sorts of reports summarising your income and outcome etc) that I won't be buying any big Christmas presents. Cards this year it is!
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