Monday, 26 October 2009

Next Station Stop: Upupandsmile

Having been in and out of trains and buses and running in between yards and towns today I am very much enjoying the evening at home - just finished watching yet another Attenborough's documentary and I am sitting here munching my well deserved apple and cinnamon cake. Nature programmes, cakes and tea are firm part of my definition of cosy.
In fact, that's what I really like about winter. The evenings when you can wrap up in warm scent of sweet spices, the hot cups of tea. Back in Poland, my friends and I used to meet up after riding and watched some training videos trying to warm up after being out in -20C for hours. I miss those times. I certainly don't miss the cold and I am loving the English October this year.
Following a little lie in I went to do Kingsley in the morning. We had a show at the yard and as I didn't have anywhere quiet to ride him I decided against doing so. It's probably better for him not to engage into any gallops under saddle and as quiet as he is I doubt he would not react to the commotion of the show. Darling boy destroyed yet another haynet, he seems to have a knack!
Kingsley done I set off to the yard of someone I used to work with and who offered for me to come and ride her event horses. Now, that was an opportunity not to be missed especially that I am planning to take my Stage IV in summer next year so really need more hours in the saddle.
I really enjoyed riding all four but totally fell in love with a little chestnut, I could take him home there and then! I am convinced that horses are just so built that they either suit the way you are built and the way you ride or they not. I guess you could compare it that great pair of boots, which although new, just feels right. Or a pair of perfectly fitting gloves. You put them on and they feel like second skin from the word go.
With horses, those that fit you, ride as if you've been riding them for years even though you have just sat on them for the first time. I am hoping to make some time to be able to ride them all again in a couple of weeks.
As fabulous as it was I am so unused to schooling for so long anymore that I am now rather exhausted! It's been ages since I'd been riding several horses a day and I can tell you my muscles are aching. In the same time though it feels great to have a sit on some competition horses and although I am sure I didn't really do them justice they coped with me well :)

On the life front, thanks to my Dear Man and a very generous friend I have sorted a few money problems. I love my job but god, it does need to pay more :(
Small miracle - my dad found a way for my granddad to have a life saving operation and he is now back home recovering well.

On the work front - I can now tell you that my little project, which will be called Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy, should be going life before the end of this year. Initially I was waiting for more opportunities to get it going but overlooked the one I had under my very nose. The Intensive Training Days I've been running since January and which were to be an integral part of Aspire Equestrian's programme, will now be the main part until I put all the other elements together. As I mentioned before, as much as I enjoy teaching beginner riders I need to add some quality to it all as otherwise I become demotivated and uninspired in my work.
Things won't happen overnight but I am doing a lot of prep work in the evenings (or nights more like) and slowly slowly the puzzles of random ideas starting to slot together.

Very long working day tomorrow as doing Pony Day AM, then teaching as usual PM till late.

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