Monday, 12 October 2009

Million Little Things

The most important thing I've learned is that tomorrow is equally distant and unknown as is the next week or the ten years later.
Love watching the sea, the water coming and going, coming and going. Water made up of billion of tiny molecules of invisible hydrogen and oxygen. The details.
The sand so fine. If you put the particles of it on the palm of your hand you would never have called it a beach.
And yet, here they are, creating the spectacular view of yellows and blues.
The most important thing I've ever learned in life is that it's the details what makes up the true meaning.
Million little things. Is what I appreciate.
Not heroic gestures but the hydrogen and oxygen of everyday life.
Because tomorrow...might never materialise anyway.

The most important thing I've ever learned so far is that my biggest weakness is also my biggest strength.
And today, I'm in peace with it.

Kingsley enjoys his daily TENS sessions I think. He certainly enjoys being turned out again too judging by the amount of rolling in the mud he does.
He doesn't really look any stronger through his right hindleg but he shows less response to me digging my fingers into his sacroiliac area on the right side. Whether that's of any significance I am not sure.

One of my employers is paying for me to go to: (YAY!!:):

BHS National Coaching Conference

The first National Coaching Conference hosted by the British Horse Society was held in 2008 and due to its resounding success another is planned for Autumn 2009.

The Coaching Conference is a day of presentations and seminar sessions from leading industry professionals that will typically include motivational speakers, sports coaches and sessions with other professionals from the equine and human sporting world.

It is supposed to be some time in November. Another interesting thing happening in November will be the first one of a series on Bio-mechanics of riding lectures my friend had told me about so I am very much looking forward to it :)

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