Friday, 30 October 2009

Name Day (Imieniny) and thereabouts

A few weeks ago my mum asked me what I would like for my Name Day. See, in the UK there is no such thing like Name Day, and as nobody here either knows or remembers when mine is, I forgot too. I actually had to ask my mum when it was. In Poland (or Italy, or France and other countries where Name Day stands), you only need to check the calendar to know someone's day as all the names are written in. Easy.
So my Name Day is on the 29th of October. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's just like another birthday. You get gifts and people call you to say hello ;)
On my Name Day, on the 29th October 2009, I worked all day. And it wasn't too great a day. In fact, it was pretty bad for reasons that will most likely pass quickly so no point of airing them.

The good thing was hearing from my friend and knowing she got through one of her check ups with all clear again. It's quite paralysing to know that your life can turn all the ways round depending on what you get told one sunny afternoon. So every time I am willing any sort of god into right kind of news.

My brother phoned me while I was waiting for a lift home in a tack shop at work and I ended up in fits of giggles as we tend to.

Today, Ricky bought me a super breakfast and a divine hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream - delicious. I had the longest sleep since I remember. I had a scented bath in the middle of the day and read books and magazines while scenery behind the windows did not move. A day away from trains. I had some lovely restful time and I am looking forward to running a Training Day tomorrow :)
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