Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I wish I could...

I really want to just fall asleep like polar bears do and wake up in the spring of the mood...when everything seems like it's going up rather than down. I really wish I could programme myself like a washing machine on a 30C standing for Constant happiness. Greedy me.
Switch On button working and spinning the life in the cloud of pleasingly scented layout of the day.
Blah, blah, blah sometimes I wish I could stop living in a dreamy bubble.
The little creature on my left shoulder is moaning and crying and complaining. The right shoulder's creature is yelling at the left shoulder's creature to stop being such a victim of Life's Whereabouts.
I'm in the middle listening to their antics.

Kingsley had a visit from Physiotherapist who found:

1) Very sore sacroiliac area
2) Lameness in the right hind possibly due to sacroiliac problem or other way round
3) Sore back on the right side
4) Lack of bending to the right

As per today's observation she didn't think there was any significant lameness to be seen in front, just a loss of balance now and then due to compensation for the back end pain.

The rehab plan for the next month is as follows:

TENS machine (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) - Daily
Mode: Normal
Pulse Rate: 4Hz
Pulse width 220
Time: 20 minutes

The electrodes go to: 1 day withers plus sacroiliac; 1 day sacroiliac plus hindquarters area alternate in between the two.

1. Turn out 1/2 a day as previously
2. walk in hand 5 min 1x daily for 2 weeks
3. walk ridden 10 min x1 daily for 2 weeks

Physio to review Mon 9th Nov.

Pics. below: Kingsley's first TENS session:

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