Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Birthday :)

Lovely day with very unusual lazy morning in bubble bath, breakfast with Ricky, enjoying pressies from friends and family. Work in my super warm Blazewear gilet which makes it all so incredibly easier!
And now enjoying a lovely cup of super tea (pressie) and biscuits brought to me by my dear man :)
Ricky also gave me a Lucky Bamboo plant...for a whole life of luck :) Wouldn't it be good!

"Lucky Bamboo, for more than 4000 years, has been the symbol of good fortune in the Asian culture. This beautiful plant inspires art and creativity and is believed to bring luck and fortune into the home and workplace.

It is a symbol of longevity, durability and endurance due to its ability to adapt and grow in minimal and even poor light conditions yet still remain strong and resistant. This plant also has the ability to grow very rapidly, which makes it a well known symbol for prosperity as well. Placing bamboo in your workspace or home it will help bring the virtues and energies of this plant into your daily life."

Here is more info on the plant: All About Lucky Bamboo.

Here's to a year full of Luck! :)
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