Sunday, 14 February 2010

On the Go

Pic.: Kingsley getting all the attention from Jenny and Kari after Jenny's Training Day on Friday

It's very much full on this month and as much as I am enjoying all of the activity I am also looking forward to a lazy day some time soon!
After Training Day on Friday I ran another one on Saturday for Pauline, Kingsley's owner. All the planning of the sessions takes a lot of my away-from-the-yard time but I think it pays off as we are definitely getting more consistent progress.
The down side is, it's quite mentally tiring. I reckon it will get easier and easier as I have more experience and can structure the training in my head with less effort.
Fortunately, the pluses are fascinating enough to keep going.

Lovely day today with my Sunday gang. The off-horse exercises are definitely working and giving results in the saddle.
We have a new addition, a fun gypsy cob. Hacked him in Richmond Park today in freezing hail and he was fab. The Park is still very wintry looking, deer cull starts today. It's sad but there is not enough space for them all. Only male deer are shot.

I am off to Suffolk tomorrow to teach Suzie on Echo who asked for some help with sorting out their crookedness issues. I am very much looking forward to it especially that Suzie agreed to be a guinea pig for the Academy's lesson format. The mission is to test the format as much as possible prior to the launch of the Academy on the 1st of May.
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