Friday, 12 February 2010

Brain Stretch and Tai-Chi

I had a super day today running Training Day that was also a bit of test for timing and order of sessions for Academy's training. The rider events up to BE Novice and the mission was to tweak some imbalances, improve position and effectiveness and find the weaknesses that might be addressed via off horse exercises. I had help from Kari who is a professional human chiropractor and who will be working with Academy.
Although rather tired towards the end, the rider made some impressive progress that now needs to sink in and become more consistent.
My brain cells feel stretched and worked as I tried to observe all the possible causes of each problem and come up with ideas to improve the rider's feel and effect on each of the horses. Despite of this tiredness it was definitely my kind of day.
The process of re-designing the format and the structure of the Training Days to fit them into Academy's Programmes actually makes me much more perceptive. Being more disciplined with what and when I teach makes me think more about the whole process. I am hoping that it also improves the way I teach and the way the rider absorbs the information.
Somewhere along the way to get better I want to get rid of too much talking/waffling as I know it's distracting at times!

Kingsley's sensitive nature got me investigating the issue of breathing. So far I taught riders to use their diaphragm to be able to bring the centre of gravity down but having read an article on martial arts and Tai-chi in riding I am going to dig for more.
Anybody has some good links to breathing - riding subjects? Tai-chi for riders?
I am certainly not going to change into providing yoga on horses exercises but would love to learn more about breathing control and ridden work.

Right, yummy supper, then have to put together written feedback for today's rider and upload videos from her sessions.
Another Training Day tomorrow.
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