Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kingsley's Rehab Week 14

Kingsley enjoys the mud a little bit too much and comes back caked in it most of the time. The odd problem with stopping disappeared as soon as it started. Kingsley's walk is getting really good and we've done 31 minutes today. As the voluntary stopping is gone we are back to halt transitions and they are difficult to put it mildly. He resists quite strongly against being stationary and always leaves the right hind leg behind. We managed to correct a few halts today and stand square a couple of times. It's getting better but it's an extremely slow process.

On the 28th of February Kingsley will be moving to a new yard. I will post some photos once we've moved. It's a lovely place that uses the same physiotherapist as we do for him right now so we will be able to keep the continuity of treatment.

Here's week 14 plan:

Mon 15th: turn out
Tue 16th: turn out
Wed 17th: 31 min, halt transitions
Thu 18th: 32min, halt transitions, trot transitions (2-3 on each rein)
Fr 19th: turn out
Sat 20th: 33 min, halt transitions, trot transitions
Sun 21st: turn out

Due to various reasons we had to change the date of next physio re-assessment and it is now set for the 15th of March.
I will try to take a video of him walking under the saddle soon.
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