Thursday, 4 February 2010

Feels Good!

Now that I'm 1,618 weeks old I feel like I should grow up and get myself a proper job, stop shovelling horse poo, wear jodphurs 12 hours a day 7 days a week, talk nonsense to horses while grooming them; time to go and earn some good salary, buy a house and a car.

Pic.: Peacock waiting for me to decide whether to share my food ;) Walkies in Holland Park.

OK, that was a joke ;) The truth is I feel very much committed and determined to carry on my play with life.
The only good thing I see with the growing up malarkey is that it's easier for me to make decisions that just has to be made. Easier does not mean easy. I am a creature of habit and as much as I like variety I am not necessarily that keen on big changes. There is a lot of things I like about current status quo. One thing I don't like about it is that, in my book, I have to feel I am going forwards. At the moment too many things are stagnant and need a bit of a kick.

It feels good to be OK with that. Math has never been my strength and as a result a lot of numbers don't up up here. I decided to make a bit on an effort and make friends with the theory of Making The Ends Meet. The next couple of months will certainly bring some changes and I will blog about them as and when.

Kingsley was a super star today. Relatively speaking. There are very subtle changes for the better that I can feel in him everyday but in comparison to a sound horse he is still very much a rehabilitation in progress.
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