Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 152: Motivation explored and feel discovered

Monday 1st June

Some horses would happily give you a black toe and walk all over you for a carrot. Some would happily ignore you, even if you brought a whole greengrocers over.
Some don't care if you lose your balance a little in a turn in canter, some panic if you lose a stirrup and fiddle to get it back in walk.
Some melt away at a gentle pat on the shoulder, some prefer that you just sit better, then they relax and breathe out a sigh of relief.

The motivation of equines can be mind boggling ;) But I am yet to ride or teach on a horse who, if shown how to relax in movement, wouldn't try to reach that state again...

Rugging up after a our flexions and relaxation focused session this morning
Each week I revise my riders' lessons content so we can introduce some new elements or find new ways of working on previous ones. This week, with my Foundation programme riders, I am focusing on the ability to show the horse how to relax their neck and body through the right set of aids.

Sometimes this is very easy with laid back horses and not so easy with highly strung ones. Great session today, it's great to watch when rider starts acting through feel rather than instruction :)

On a separate note, I must say, I have fallen off badly a few times, hit the ground very hard at times but nothing compares to falling down the stairs on a double decker bus when it turns ;) I missed the second step down and flew nicely the entire set of stairs to land at the bottom nearly seeing black. Not the best way to start your day and my ass better hurries up healing because I've got to ride tomorrow! Good job I don't work as a pool guard and have to wear a swimsuit to 'the office' ;)

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