Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Day 160: Conversations with Oscar

Tiredness caught up with me today. I dragged my feet to the train station thinking with some despair about a long journey ahead consisting of a train and a bus in London that always gets stuck in traffic for ages. You know, the sort of morning when everything seems to be way longer/busier/more tiring than it really is. Just as I almost plan putting myself to sleep my rider for today txts me to say she is picking me up from the station.
And life is amazing again ;)
Some news just come at exactly the right time!

Oscar after our session today, sneaking a bite of hay and blurring an otherwise non-blurry photo ;) 

First is my four legged client and we have a great ride today. He fancies a chat and so the beginning goes like this:

- Hey Oscar, what a clever boy you are, you can now walk nice and relaxed with your neck in an equine like position! Clever boy.
- Cat!!!! Did you see him???? Looook!!!
- Ok, now return back from up there Oscar, you can watch the cat from equine like neck position, there you go, good boy.
- Another one!!!! Loook!!! It's climbing up there!!!! Looook!!!!
- I get it, cats are so fascinating they need your full attention, now let's turn this way and focus on me, ok? There you go, what a clever boy you are...
- SHITTTT! Did you see that??? There on the ground!!! Must jump away!!!
- Let me shorten the reins a little Oscar, you are a little flighty today aren't you? Let's just go on the circle here and get fascinated with how your lovely back can relax a little, shall we? Oh, you had a sigh, good boy, take a good breath and keep walking here, what a clever boy...
- LEFT! Got to go left now!! It's necessary! Must LEAN left, quick!!!!
- Lol Oscar, you do make me laugh ;)

Once I got his attention on me he worked very well, probably best to date. He is a very back braced horse and what comes easy to some horses is often impossible to him unless he lets go of the tension. I am excited for him though, when he works well he feels fabulous :)

Mostly though I am happy with his attitude change. Five weeks ago he schooled sour but now he is content most of the time and really tries to understand my suggestions. He is also like that with his owner and I noticed he schools better after he had gone on an energetic hack the day before my sessions or gone XC schooling. He always feels after those as if he managed to add another piece to his balance puzzle and he was finding it relevant in the arena with me.

Happy conversations with your young horses :)

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