Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 153: In the wind


Mairi and Tilly - learning about flexion and relaxation

The wind is so strong today that teaching outside comes with a decent challenge to my vocal cords. I planned a fairly calm and specific movement oriented session for Mairi and Tilly which isn’t helped by the conditions. Despite those they do a superb job and I can feel it in the mare later when I take her out for a hack as a lead horse with my Start program rider. She is much less resistant in her neck muscles and softer in her responses to my slowing down signals (she usually wants to charge on in certain places out on a hack even when tired). 

Young Oscar surprises me with his focus in spitting rain and driving wind. He has a bit of a history for rodeo displays (which I refused to watch videos of ;) What one can’t see, one doesn’t visualise!) so I was gearing up for a flying lesson but he acted very mature. I take it as a reward for our dedication that the sun comes out half way through the session and we sunbathe our way through trot work and canter work. I am teaching him more lateral flexibility as well as continuing learning about how he prefers to be taught…

I feed Oscar and set off for a hack with Andrew. We have an amazing spell of sunshine and a really good ride. Whenever my riders are able to share suitable horses I like to take them out hacking as soon as they sit well. Learning on a quiet, well mannered horse in natural environment is to me one of the best way to acquire effortless balance and understanding of the horse. 

I arrive at my home station about 7pm and set off to find a Starbucks that opens until 9pm so I can catch up with all the online stuff. Having no reliable connection at home (5th week now :( ) is proving very tiring. 

At the end of June I am off to Poland to run another training weekend there. I didn’t want a big event this time so have only spread the word among current Aspire riders at suitable levels and offered 2 places. One of the places is now taken and I think I won’t pursue filling in of the other one so I have more time with the family this time. My last training weekend there saw me at the yard from morning until late evening. Considering I go back to see my family about twice a year it will be nice to have more opportunities for a reunion with everyone. 

Hotel for the rider booked and horse share confirmed and I am finally back home about 10pm. Yawn ;) 

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