Friday, 19 June 2015

Day 170

It's 9pm and I just returned home. It's been a long day today with some amended schedule to accommodate an event that I will tell you more about tomorrow.
Suffice to say, I have to re-organise my day so to fit everything in I put my alarm for 7am. I write for an hour and do the video feedback for an oversees rider who is doing my virtual training programme.

I then set off to London and find out that an earlier bus is actually more pleasant and faster than the one I usually take. It's a big bonus as getting stuck on this route is something I don't relish particularly.

Moira has Tilly almost ready when I walk in so we start on time. Our main area of focus this month is feel for the movement and harmony with it. The second step is affecting that movement. We are working on independence of the reins in transitions yet remaining connected. It's a tricky task but I enjoy playing with this feel/reaction puzzle. We change up between being on the lunge and using seat only to then riding independently and experimenting with how much Tilly notices seat questions and how much she herself relies on the rein cues.

I also do various coordination exercises which are surprisingly difficult even if just minute movements are required :)

Then it's couple of hours of the event followed by me hoping on Larry, the new horse I'd been offered as a share horse for the Academy programmes.
He feels substantial despite his 14.3hh, has a nice solid feel and very kind nature. I walk, trot and canter him on a loose rein to check his reactions and to know what level of rider he would best suit to. I think he might be a great confidence giver and I am super happy to have him.

If you would like to join my coaching programme, please see Larry's details and the coaching offer on here:

He is also rather adorable, loves attention and is easy to do which is an added bonus and something I value in all training horses I take on.

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Finally it's time for Oscar and I decide to take longer time in walk and only proceed further until I am absolutely satisfied he is with me in walk. I normally give him a long walk anyway but today, I walk for almost 30 minutes.

It works. He is starting to feel like a whole rather than like riding a solid piece and an elephant trunk. I focus on each hind legs pushing evenly and feel the push come forward to my hands.
It works as when I finally trot, he doesn't try to disconnect and invert.

I do several canter, trot, canter transitions too. He is oh so angry in the canter but the moment I give him a pat his ears flop sideways and he tries harder. He really is people's pleaser even though he isn't finding his work easy.

We finish with some really rather nice feeling trot on the long rein. Very happy with him.

Snooze time!

Pic left: Oscar boy playing with the hose while I try to wash him off
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