Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 173 & 174: #EquineHour and Racewood competition, preps for the clinic and one amazing epiphany!

173: Monday

One of my Foundation Programme riders on the simulator today. Really good session with some significant improvements. 

I am told a few "negative' things about riding simulators. That they don't teach you feel. That the movement is too artificial to create proper benefit. I am even told you can't teach rising trot on it well because there is no forward momentum.

After regularly using the Racewood dressage simulator for the last two years with variety of riders over different levels and experiences I know that all the negatives shared with me were wrong. 

It costs me dearly to hire this amazing piece of equipment but the results of training with it are fantastic. This coming Sunday, #EquineHour and Racewood Limited are running an exciting competition on Twitter...I would absolutely love to win it! Not sure if I will manage to take part though as it's during my clinic :-/ 

Day 174 Tuesday

A very different Tuesday today as my clients had to re-schedule so I after a busy morning I am in Oxford from early afternoon onwards and having a very productive online/admin day.  

First of all, I go through all my videos from September clinic in Poland as I am off there tomorrow to run another one over the 27-28 June weekend. If you would like to read more about how I prepare for serial coaching weekends/Aspire Grassroots Clinics, please pop over to Aspire blog and read my today's post: Through coach's eyes: Reflections before a clinic 
Second of all - I come across a book while in a book shop in a business section and have one hell of an epiphany! Since I will mostly be travelling tomorrow and nothing exciting is due to happen for most of the day, I will write about it in tomorrow's post once I have had a little think on how much I can reveal now. 
Suffice to say, it gives me this "how come you have not thought about this earlier, you idiot!" feeling ;) 


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