Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day 161: Mostly in a few photos as too tired for an essay! ;)

Shabby and Emma in front of the jump - you might think it's nothing but for Shabby to stand on all four feet (bottom photo) looking at the jump on a loose rein is no little thing...He usually piaffs (top and middle photo) or yields away or tries to turn away. Today, not only did he stand still (for a few seconds wink emoticonin front of a vertical, but he also jumped it most confidently I have ever seen him jump. Another first was him having a little playful display upon landing and I have never seen this horse play when ridden. Great riding again from Emma who was rather exhausted at the end of today's session but I know it will all be worth it!! smile emoticon

Possibly my biggest coaching challenge - ex jockey to event rider and ex racehorse to event horse wink emoticon Loving working with these guys and today was the session that is well worth the mention - the beginning of real harmony and relaxation between these two :) Fig owned by Ali Gill and ridden by Aimee. 
One of the reasons it's worth getting up early in the morning! Excellent session today with one of the lovely liveries at Brackenhill Stud! Great riding Lou grin emoticon Lou is riding her share horse Freddy while her mare is recovering. Freddy is for sale so do check this lovely chap out! 
VIDEO of Freddy For Sale

Repo (Nordic Run) learning to canter (rather than gallop as he did in his previous job!) - another ex-racehorse to event horse in the making smile emoticon I managed to take a non-blurry pic of his canter for the first time today wink emoticon
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