Saturday, 13 June 2015

Day 164: BCA Horse Trials with Emma, Shabhash and some Aspire Academy riders :)

Another venture out British Eventing for Shabby and Emma today. Interesting little improvements here and there but very tense dressage (40.5) and five down in SJ leave us still with plenty of homework.
XC proved easy for both but Emma is yet to hit an optimum time changing between being too fast and too slow but getting closer to the right rhythm.

Shabby's warm ups - both for dressage and SJ - were good. Much to like about his show jumping warm up in fact. We took the time after the dressage to work him for another 15 minutes to release the tension after the dressage test where he just panicked a little again. He cooled down very well.

I used this event to introduce some of other Aspire riders to Emma and Shabby and to experience the thrill of eventing :) I want the Academy to offer more of these opportunities and for the riders to enjoy learning from each other. Great day over all!

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