Sunday, 10 February 2008

About IT problems, chocolate cake, lunchtimes with horses and the sun :)

Hate and Love - this is how you could describe my relationship with computers and technology in general! I came back home today and had a nice plan: download pictures from my new phone, update the blog, run the water for my bath in the meantime, prepare horsey mags to read in the bath, ask Ricky to bring me juice and a kiss to the bathroom and relax in my Muscle Soak indulgence.
But NO! My new Samsung Installation CD decided not to work and so I had spent almost two hours trying to solve the problem. I could honestly hammer my computer sometimes. Anyway, thank heavens for Google. I found some Samsung Forums where my problem was explained, found out about a free downloadable program that I could use and voila - a couple of hours later I can finally implement my plan...

On a good note: Today was an absolutely beautiful day. I soaked the sunshine like mad :) It was so warm some of my clients decided to ride in sleeveless tops :-0 Horses loved it too and behaved impeccably so I got all the riders to ride bareback for a few minutes in the end of their lessons.

Even those who never tried and were very reluctant loved the feeling of connection and oneness
you get with the horse when riding without a saddle.

My lovely colleagues at Barnfield stables got me a late birthday treat (I was on holiday on the day of my birthday) - a very tasty chocolate cake and a funny horsey card:)
One very dirty mare (due to having several good rolls in the sandy arena) kept us company during our sunny lunch; I bet she wanted my chocolate cake greedy madam. In the end she had to settle for polos.

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