Monday, 11 February 2008

Have you ever wanted to have all your things equine organised well?

A couple of months ago I found out about this website: Manage My Horse.

At first I only briefly looked through it but didn't really get my hands on it. I kept visiting from time to time until a few weeks ago when I thought: right, my budget is all over the place and I am nowhere near as organised as I would like to be. So I went to the site again and started exploring it properly.
Once I did I realised it was something I needed and the more I browsed it the more I thought what a marvelous idea it was. In fact, I wish I had come up with this myself and asked Ricky to take care of the design (as he really is the best :)!!

According to Cate Ashton, the founder of the site, Manage My Horse will bring all the aspects of horse management together. She sent me a very good presentation of the content of the website but the file is a pdf file and I am not sure how to put it up on here...I shall therefore just copy a few things below:

"Welcome to
For equine enthusiasts, conscientious horse owners and equestrian professionals.
Let Manage My Horse organise all aspects of your horse’s life, to bring it all together in one unique place.

Don’t guess …
when he was last wormed
when he was last vaccinated
when he started to appear to be unwell
what you achieved in your last lesson
how many bags of feed you need to buy
how you did it last time

Stop guessing altogether.

• Vaccination history
• Worming history
• Weight history
• Competition history
• Online journals
• Financial information
• Business information
• Address book
• Diary
• Forum
Something for everyone …

From the equine enthusiast who wants to register their favourite horse at their riding school and write down all their lessons and landmarks to the large equestrian business working with many horses who want a business tool that could easily have been designed just for them.

• Equine enthusiasts
• Horse owners
• Competition riders
• Pony clubs
• Riding schools
• Equine Colleges
• Livery yards
• Riding schools
• Trainers
• Professional grooms
• Breeders
• Welfare societies
• Farriers
• Treatment specialists
• Veterinary Surgeries
• Horse sales

Examples of use …

Event Rider with yard
An event rider will benefit in many ways, not least by simply keeping it all together. Manage My Horse will help organise each season of competition by ensuring that as little time as possible is spent ‘working on the business’ when the horses require much time and attention. A professional and business like approach with owners by providing reports detailing training sessions, competitions and expenses will again save time by being incredibly efficient.

The farrier can benefit by using the business section to store all income and expenses. He could also use the diary to store his appointments and the address book to keep client details together.
He may choose to profile horses that he is working on in a remedial capacity to ensure that he is analysing progress every step of the way.

• Storing financial information regularly.
• Using accurate information to set costs and goals.
• Keeping fittening records, weight and feed info.
• Logging competition information, scores and places
along with any notes
• Providing ‘owners’ with training reports.
• Storing all ‘owner’ information.
remedial capacity to ensure that he is analysing progress
every step of the way.

Note: By just using sections of the website that most enhance your circumstances, Manage My Horse will ‘help’ just about everyone in the equestrian industry.

My Horses …
Each horse registered has his own set of pages which are unique to him. Tabs along the top of his profile page are where all of his information is stored. View, add, edit and delete information at the click of a button.

My Feed …
Innovative section jam-packed with unique features to help manage his diet and nutritional requirements. Tell us what products you use, how much they cost, what he eats and let us do the rest. View your current stock, prepare shopping lists and know his feed costs per day, week, month or year instantly. The unique calculator will tell you feed costs over any period of time and supply his current daily diet details (Going away? Know how much feed to take, how much it costs and his diet details, all on a print out instantly). The diet and nutritional enquiry form will allow you to send one email to multiple feed companies on our mailing list ensuring you get up-to-minute information from different experts allowing you to make informed decisions easily."

And something I have personally found really useful:

" My Reports …
Allows ultimate flexibility to download or print the information you have stored, instantly.
Reports can be viewed by horse, a group of horses or all horses registered and finally by business. Once you have selected this information, select the type information you want to view – maybe one expense type, a selection of expenses or all expenses. Anything you have stored can be viewed in so many different ways. For example: the vet is coming and you have been keeping a medical journal on a horse for several days or weeks. Simply go to reports and select the journals, select the horse, select the medical journal, select your date period and everything you have stored will be available instantly for you to print out for the vet."

Having found it an excellent and very useful tool I decided to spread the word. What do you think? It's FREE to join by the way!

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