Thursday, 7 February 2008

Unexpected update on Wilastra's whereabouts! :)

Some of you may remember Wilastra - a horse I had a ride on last year. Yesterday, I received an unexpected email. It was a message from someone who bought Wilastra a month ago and came across her blog!
I can only imagine it must have been an interesting surprise to read about your horse on someone's blog :)
Anyway, milady is doing very well! She had given her new owner some hard time to start with but they are now a working partnership and are doing well BSJA.
I was sent a picture from their second show - BSJA Discovery - and new owner, Josh, kindy agreed for the picture to be posted for all of you dear readers to see.

Wilastra is now schooling over 1.20m at home and is proving very talented!
I am promised to be kept informed so if I hear about milady's successes I will sure post some info on her blog!

I must say, I was just tiny bit jealous seeing Wilastra cruising over that jump...I am, however, very happy she is doing well as I have had a very soft spot for her ever since I rode her for the first time.
All the best to Wilastra and her new owner!


Rising Rainbow said...

That looks pretty darn impressive.

Unknown said...

I know, she really is a special girl!

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