Friday, 15 February 2008

Developing dressage seat

I took some stills from the video taken during my lesson in the end of January (more pictures on Hammie's blog) as I wanted to observe when exactly my legs are creeping up. I know that for
pure dressage I need to let my stirrups go even lower (I was told this by an international dressage rider so unfortunately this must be true ;). I don't think my hip ligaments are stretched readily at the moment to lengthen my stirrups as much as they need to though.
I will be trying to "find my dressage legs" slowly (great name for this quest which I found in this article - Finding Your Dressage Legs) . The length I ride with on the pictures already feels very comfortable and a year ago I would struggle to keep independence in my seat with them. I am hoping that this one more hole down will be able to happen shortly.

When I stand still, canter or trot my leg is bahaving reasonably well.

However, in walk when there is less momentum and I have to push Hamlet onto the outside rein I seem to be bringing my inside leg up. I push upwards and inwards instead of inwards and downwards. Bad me. Lots of work on that in front of me!



Rising Rainbow said...

You've been tagged. Check out the details over at my blog. This one is different and again about horses, thought you might appreciate the chance to "vent."

Unknown said...

Had a look :) Will take care of this soon :)

Dressage Mom said...

It's so hard to keep the leg in place when you use it! It's still a struggle for me. Something that works for me is to think about the knee instead of the lower leg. I imagine that someone has their hand on my knee and is pushing the knee down as I use my leg. I find if I just concentrate on keeping the lower leg down I get tightening under the thigh which further constricts the lower leg, but if I think about something pushing my knee down it relaxes under the thigh and allows the lower leg to stay long and effective. Recently I've found myself becoming sloppy with not the inside leg when bending, but the outside leg. So right now my concentration is on keeping the outside leg down and long and using it as a barrier for the bend, ready to come back if the haunches swing out.

Let me know if this works for you. I have all kinds of silly tricks that I know work for me but I don't know if it's just me or if others could use the info too!

Unknown said...

Thank you for that! Will definitely practise this and let you know - I "know" what I need to do but my muscles just don't listen to my brain, very annoying.
This pushing on the knee sounds interesting, I am looking forward to trying it out on Thursday!

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