Saturday, 23 February 2008

Horse & Hound magazine - New design

There are masses of interesting blogs out there and I really like browsing through them. There are some I really like reading and spend well too much time on it. I also like to come across new interesting blogs and add them to my Favourite time consumers ;)
Anyway, I digress. On one of my 'browsing for intersting blogs' hours I found the one below.

The blog gives a very interesting feedback on the new Horse & Hound design and since I agree with most what is said there I thought I will mention it on here.

The author is a journalist so definitely have much more of a knack for analysis of this sort than I will ever have.
As to my personal opinion on the revamp: I do like it. I hope H&H will bring more unknown riders to the light as well as deepen the insight into the lives of top names, both riders and coaches.


Rising Rainbow said...

This magazine has an online forum as well, doesn't it? I think I have been there a few times. I didn't realize that it was connected to a magazine. But then, why not, the COTH website is that way as well.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, the Forum is very active! I am on there as well and find it very useful as a sounding board.

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