Monday, 17 March 2008

Young Instructor of the Year 2008

I have been thinking whether not to go for the Young Instructor of the Year 2008,
competition organised by the British Horse Society and which offers a chance to experience some quality coaching training. I don't think I have enough knowledge and experience to even think of winning the series but it might be an interesting thing to be involved in.
If I manage to sort out my joining of the Register of Instructors by the South East region's deadline (24th July) I might give it a go.
If not, I shall try next year, which is also the last year I will be eligible to enter (you must be 30yrs old or younger on the 1st January of the year of competition).



Dressage Mom said...

That sounds like a really cool opportunity! Best of luck if you go. You never know, you just might win!

Unknown said...

What stops me from entering this year is the thought that I will be so much better next year! Sounds silly I know, it's just me being competitive ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

yes, but if you go this year, you will have the experience to help you be even better next year!

Unknown said...

Good point! I sort of assumed you only get one entry...will have to investigate this :)

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